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Personal internet banking

Safe and secure

Our internet banking service is both safe and easy to use allowing you to manage your money wherever and whenever it suits.

The Chip and PIN Card Reader (Card Reader) is part of our ongoing commitment to making your internet banking experience as secure as possible.

Feel secure

We know security is what you want most while banking online, so we've ensured that it is only possible to access your personal banking accounts by going through several levels of security. For additional security hints and tips, read our guide to banking safe online. In addition you can view our Security Centre.

To ensure that we validate your personal details securely, we ask that you speak to one of our friendly advisers to register.

Simply call us on freephone 0800 590 483^. Lines are open 24 hours a day.

You will be asked to provide:

  • A 4 digit security code.
  • 5 pieces of secure personal information.
  • An e-mail address.

We will then send you a Card Reader to authenticate your online transactions, adding an extra level of security to your online identity.

Our Terms and conditions will tell you everything you need to know before you use our Personal Internet Banking service.

Internet Banking with us is a secure and easy way to manage your account, plus it’s accessible 24/7.  

Once you’ve registered and logged on you’ll be able to use your PC or MAC, desktop or laptop computer to do your banking securely whenever you like. You’ll find everything you need to make taking care of your day-to-day finances as quick and convenient as possible. You can:

  • Manage your finances 24/7, 365 days a year
  • Check your balance
  • View recent transactions
  • Pay bills
  • View previous statements
  • Transfer money
  • Manage Standing Orders and Direct Debits

Have a look at our Internet Banking demo to see how you can benefit.

These Terms and Conditions explain your rights and responsibilities and those of the Bank in respect of your use of the Bank's Internet Banking Service ("the Service"). These Terms and Conditions are in addition to those, together with any advice, provided by the Bank on your computer screen ("On-Screen Terms") when using the Service and those already provided to you as an account holder with the Bank but, in the event of any uncertainty with regard to your use of the Service, the following Terms and Conditions together with the On-Screen Terms shall prevail.

Please read the Terms and Conditions carefully, they apply in respect of all use of and transactions undertaken by you via the Service.

Please note the Bank's standard Account Tariff setting out interest rates and charges continues to apply, a copy of which is displayed on the Bank's web site together with these Terms and Conditions.

  • Definitions 'Bank' means The Co-operative Bank p.l.c. 'Business Day' means any day except Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holidays in England & Wales. 'Customer' means you, the person or persons in whose name(s) the Account(s) is/are maintained by the Bank. 'Customer Security Codes' means your Passnumber and Secure Personal Information registered with the Bank. 'Account' means any account or accounts held by the Bank in the name of the Customer on which the Service is available. 'Service' means the Service made available to customers by the Bank from time to time via the Internet. 'Service Level Guarantees' means agreed service level standards in respect of the Account as published by the Bank from time to time.
  • The Bank is authorised by you to accept and act upon electronic instructions provided via the Service and to debit or credit the Account with the amount of all Service transactions without any further authority. You accept liability for all debits made and where the Account is a joint Account, liability is joint and several. the Bank will only accept instructions if your Customer Security Codes are used as requested and accepted. Any failure or error in relation to use of your Customer Security Codes will result in access to the Service being blocked. If this happens you must contact Telephone Banking on 08448 44 88 44^.
  • Please take all reasonable precautions to prevent the disclosure and unauthorised use of your Customer Security Codes: - Never write them down - Never tell them to anyone If you suspect that someone knows your Customer Security Codes, please notify the Bank immediately. When we receive notification, your liability will cease. Until then, you may be liable for up to £50 of any loss. If unauthorised use of your Customer Security Codes is due to your negligence, fraud, disclosure or misuse, you will probably be liable for all losses. The Bank may ask you to assist us in our efforts to recover any loss as a result of unauthorised use of your Customer Security Codes.
  • When you use your Customer Security Codes you are authorising us to carry out all your instructions.
  • For your protection, the Bank reserves the right to suspend access if: - Incorrect Customer Security Codes are used to attempt to access your Account - the Bank suspects an unauthorised person is attempting to access your Account
  • The services (including the Service) available to customers using Customer Security Codes may vary over time, the Bank may add to, vary, suspend or terminate any of the services available but will inform you of any changes.
  • You will exit the Service when leaving your computer terminal unattended.
  • You must ensure all instructions given to the Bank via the Service are accurate. The processing by the Bank of your instructions via the Service will be binding upon you. Instructions received on any Business Day will be processed within one Business Day. Instructions received at any other time will be processed the next Business Day.
  • Service Level Guarantees do not apply to ordering cheque books where the request is made via the Service. In all other instances, Service Level Guarantees will only apply once transactions initiated via the Service have been processed.
  • Provision or use of the Service will not confer any right on you to overdraw the Account(s) except to the extent of any overdraft which the Bank may have agreed from time to time. Transactions via the Service remain subject to your Account terms and conditions as well as these terms and conditions.
  • The Co-operative Bank uses permanent and temporary cookies.

The website uses permanent cookies to :

  • Identify the link you used to find our site
  • Check which browser you use so that we can make sure our site and services work well on your computer
  • Monitor traffic on our website

The Co-operative Bank Internet Banking service uses temporary cookies to :

  • Form part of our security process, by identifying your computer by our Internet Banking service.
  • Temporary cookies are removed when you close down your browser.

Our policy on cookies is that we do not pass on, or sell, details to any other company.

So that you can manage your account through our website, you will need to make sure that your browser has cookies enabled.

  • Notification of lost or stolen cheque books, credit, debit, cash or cheque cards must be made by telephoning the Bank on 08448 758 755^.
  • The Bank reserves the right to terminate the Service or to vary these terms and conditions. Any termination or variation will only take place after the Bank has notified you by any reasonable means the Bank considers appropriate, unless the Bank suspects fraud where access to the Service can be terminated immediately without notice.
  • You may terminate this agreement by notifying the Bank in writing. The notification will not be effective until the Bank has received it. Upon termination access to the Service will cease.
  • The Bank may from time to time record telephone calls between you and ourselves. Any such calls are recorded for security and training purposes only. The Bank may from time to time record instructions received via the Service again for security and training purposes, or to improve the Service.
  • The Bank reserves the right to charge you and you agree to pay the charges for the Service. Any charges for the Service will be set out on the Bank's web site and are also available by telephoning the Bank on 08448 44 88 44^ or by referring to the Bank's standard tariff. If any changes are made, notice of the new charges will be notified to you before they take effect and will also be available on the Bank's web site.
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